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Tanner O’Leary Memorial Golf Tournament

“John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”


For the past four years Jess and Lisa Schlosser with the help of a village of friends and family have sponsored what has been for all a labor of love. Working together they have been able to create a lasting memorial for one of our own who gave his all for us. This, the fourth and final year of this marvelous tournament proved to be by far the best. Twenty three - 3 man teams celebrated Corporal Tanner O’Leary’s life by participating in the annual best ball tournament.


Championship Flight
Amber Laundreaux
Scott Laundreaux  ~ 61
Arlyn Keckler
Geritol Long
Jesse Mendoza ~ 62
Deb Holzer
1st Flight
Delnita Mendoza
Rob Mendoza ~ 69
Tom Aberle
Matt Vogel
Fred Vogal ~ 70
Nicolas Bad Warrior
2nd Flight
Joe Liebel
Chris Aberle ~ 77
Mark Liebel
Malinda Selby
Beth Ann Grueb ~ 78
Joe Scherer